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When we were 6 pounds 14 ounces, a picture was taken of us while our purple hued skin was splotched in blood, while we scream in the new air…

Abuelo (Extended)

Death traveled with me on the plane to Puerto Rico. I’ve been to the island three summers and four Christmases, but this was the first time I saw Death there. I should have known he would come for my grandfather, but I was too young to understand the complexities of cancer…

The Third Strike

I told you I saw her right? The one with the green hair from Snapchat. She was at the mall eating Wetzel’s Pretzels. Her green hair was like the glowing siren’s of the Starbucks behind her, a beacon in the food court…

Advanced Color Theory

I drew myself, coloring skin with only primaries and values. “Create your skin tone with just five color pencils.” Mr. Arteaga flicked his wrist like he was painting the air. “White or Black, our skin’s actually orange.”

The Color of Syrah

Joel noticed the twitch of the English ivy that clutched onto the stucco. He convinced himself that it was the wind even though the movement was too erratic. He knew the vine had its own agency. Because of how the plant coiled, clung, and weaved on the textured wall, he figured that, out of most common flora, English ivy was most inclined to make cognitive decisions concerning movement, positioning, and survival…

Your Obituary

You’d assume, given your state, that there would be a total lack of existence, not a transition from it. This residual consciousness challenges your pagan disbelief. You’d say, “Nothing is supernatural because everything in nature is natural.” But for once, you’re separate, outside of the constructs of reality…

The Salt of Fries

I’m surprised the water hasn’t been able to take her away by now. The high tide usually swallows everything whole under the moon’s command. My contemplation is interrupted though. She’s staring at me as if I am an animal, a murderer, or something like that.

“What did you do with him?” she screams. The veins in her throat are pronounced while the sound rips through her windpipe.

I smile and say hello.