Advanced Color Theory

Art 102: Gesture Drawing and Dynamic Poses

The part of him that should be hidden dangled as he stretched. He used his staff for balance, a phallic symbol I couldn’t ignore. I felt a little awkward with the female models cause they’d never shave anything. But he was different, unnaturally hairless, eager to be immortalized in charcoal. It didn’t matter that his hair retreated to the sides of his skull causing a compromise just to shave it all or that his wrinkled skin lightly draped over pecs and abs. I drew him and his penis, the first I’ve ever drawn. But when I finished, I was compelled to throw it away.

Extended Learning Period: Art

So there’s these kids we call “Socials”. They dress nice with pointy shoes and chunky metal watches and gel their hair into faux hawks. It makes em look like roosters, so we call em cocks. For ELP, I go to the art room with Sean, the guy that can only draw with a mouse. So some Socials are banging on the door cause they’re late. I see them and shrug a chuckle. But their friend opens the door and one of em comes in and just socks me in the face.

Later, Sean tells me he was going to pick up a chair and pin em to the wall, kick their nuts till they can’t fuck anymore, free the future from their offspring. But he didn’t do shit.

Anyways, the teacher is screaming and I’m surrounded. So your boy punches one of em so hard that now the Social is sitting on the counter, half of his ass in the sink. His empty lungs make him pant like the bitch he is. His friends run. Then he runs, runs so far that he can never come back.

Art 201: The Techniques of Pen and Ink

I had this inside joke with Jen, the blue haired lesbian goth girl. I’d tell her, “I wish I was a dolphin because they swim naked and fuck a lot.” She’d draw dolphins on my skin in green ink. Because I was crushing, I hoped she was at least bi, but she’d tell me that she only liked girls. Years ago she tattooed a dolphin on my arm with “I wish” under it. Now, she has her own shop in Michigan. I heard she married some guy. Walter? Wallace? Something like that.

Art 315: Advanced Color Theory

I drew myself, coloring skin with only primaries and values. “Create your skin tone with just five color pencils.” Mr. Arteaga flicked his wrist like he was painting the air. “White or Black, our skin’s actually orange.”

I rolled blue, black, red, white, and yellow prismacolors towards my paper. I used yellow between the lines I traced.

“Focus on the colors, not the outline of your form.”

I used red on yellow to make orange, blue for my olive skin tone.

“For those with dark skin, brown is the blending of primaries, the practical outcome of color theory.”

I mixed the primaries with white making the paper chalked and glossed.

“If your skin’s light, just mix yellow, red, and white.”

The blue swirled the white, skin was too orange but now too green.

“This is a self portrait, so your tone needs to be accurate.”

I used primary after primary but the color was always off, so I settled for orange skin because I just couldn’t make brown.

4 thoughts on “Advanced Color Theory

      1. I’m a writer. But I also draw with pencil and charcoal, paint (acrylics) and tattoo. I’ve touched on other things such as clay sculpture (which I wish I had the means to continue doing, I love it) and oil pastels.


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